Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off to Oregon

Off I go for a few days. For work alas, not for fun. I must avoid the fabric stores though. I did vow to no longer buy, only to use fabric.
err.. opps.
ok ok. I had to get a skoosh more fabric so I could finish a project. Just two and half yards and a layer cake. But thats ALL. And I did need them. really.
May my kitty's tail fall off if I am lying.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First UFO for this month

OK, I started this baby quilt about two years ago. Then I cut the border fabric wrong so there wasn't enough focus fabric to go all the way around. I didn't know what to do with it, so I didn't do ANYTHING more with it.
Well, I was just being a ninny. Just because it won't be exactly the way I wanted, it still needs finishing. Heck, the beautiful little girl that this is for, my nephews daughter, will be three years old soon. Probably too big for such a tiny quilt. But I am sure I can find just the right child to give it too. If not, it will be a beautiful donation the the Linus project.
So, I am working on it today. I "stretched" out the border fabric with the bit of left over pink peacock feather fabric I had from the blocks. Who knows, it may look better this way than the boring, predictable way I had planned the border.
Sheesh. I need to use my imagination more. Uhh.. creativity Jana!
UPDATE: I have finished the border now! I dont have backing for it right now, so I am moving on to make another UFO.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, new promises to bend...

New year means new year resolutions! Pretty much the same as last years.. lose a bit of weight and tone up, eat healthier, buy less fabric (well I'll try), get out more (instead of quilting?? hmm.. may need to rethink that one..) finish more projects than I start (see my UFO challenge) (lol.. like thats gonna happen!), use up more of my stash (umm.. that is FABRIC stash for you uninitiated into the world of Fabricaholics..), keep my sewing area neat and organized...ok now you know I am just dreaming! lol..


I pledge to complete X number of UFOs this year. Starting with this month. I will complete umm... 3, yes THREE, UFOs. And I will post pictures to prove it. Anyone else care to join me in my UFO pledge? Anyone who joins me will be entered in a drawing to receive a gift. Please leave a comment so that we can start UFOing the night away. :)