Sunday, November 22, 2009

OK, no one reads this so I can say whatever I want!! Muahahahahahaha
So, here is my plan.. I am going to bust my stash! And as I use it all up, I will report it here.. yard by yard.
I vow to buy NO MORE fabric.
Ok, I bought some today but that was before my brave decision to go forth and only use what I have. We simply cannot look backwards people.. this is a moving forward project. Just like life. It keeps moving forward too.


Melinda Cornish said...

I want to know how you ended up with over 1000 yards of fabric...that has me curious and curiouser.....

Blueladyjl said...

Well, I started this quilting obsession right at Shop Hop time in Washington.. over 50 quilt shops here in western Washington state. And I seemed to find fabric that I LOVED at each place. And I travel a lot throughout WA, ID and OR state for work. And while I travel, I find local quilt shops. Always see fabric I simply MUST have. And a couple of times when I went to Arizona to see my mom , I had to buy a new suitcase to bring my new stash home from AZ. And I have been through three Shop Hops here in Western WA now and I managed to hit at least 32 shops each time, usually more.. And of course there are several huge quilt expos each year in Puyallup.
I am a freely admitted fabricaholic. I have alreasdy informed my kids that my stash is their inheritance.
Oh, so while buying up all this beautiful fabric, I never really have enough time to do all my projects or actually make the quilts I have planned. BUT.. let me tell you, in my special little world in my head, I have made thousands of beautiful quilts! My friends there tell me they are awesome! lol