Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And so it begins...

my own Blog! I feel so.. soo...modern n all. you know.. connected to this fast paced electronic age we now live in!
Oh yeah..*head bobbing up n down* I am blogging now.
However, since I hate typing, I am not sure just how prolific I will be here.
And, what are the rules here? Can I swear? be vulgar? show off my tattoos and chew my cud?
err.. scratch that last one. I don't have several stomachs so I don't regularly regurgitate any cud and chew it...It may LOOK like I have several stomachs.. but really.. Its just the camera angle... we all know cameras add about 80 pounds..
F*ing cameras. I spit on them!
Well I would spit on them, but I would just have to wipe it up.

Crap.. I better read the rules... I dont know if I can say f*ing.

I hate rules.. they drag me down man.. ohh man..

so.. later gator..

be well....

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